Current/Upcoming Courses

Date Course
Fall 2022 18-095: Getting Started in Electronics
Fall 2022 18-429/729: Board-Level RF Systems for the Internet-of-Things (co-teaching with Rick Carley)
Fall 2022 18-358: Introduction to Amateur Radio

Previous Courses

Date Course
Spring 2022 18-100: Introduction to ECE (co-taught with Greg Kesden)
Spring 2022 Mini 18-358: Introduction to Amateur Radio
Fall 2021 18-100: Introduction to ECE (co-taught with Jimmy Zhu)

Previous Projects

EE40LX: Analog circuits MOOC for all

With Prof. Michel Maharbiz, I co-taught EE40LX, a lab-based massive open online course (MOOC) about analog electronics which ran from 2015-2016. The purpose of this course was to introduce the fundamentals of electronics to a broad global audience. By following along with the course, students built a simple robot from scratch using a microcontroller and common electronics parts and houshold items. Over 80000 students enrolled from over 190 nations, and >2200 students completed the course, with >850 robots built.

Applied Electrical I: Practical laboratory curriculum for technicians

During spring 2016, I consulted with ZAMITA to develop hands-on laboratory curriculum to teach practical electronics to mechanics-in-training in Zambia’s Northern Technical College (NORTEC). The course used best practices in problem-based learning to develop prototyping and circuit debugging skills to prepare trainees for entry in the growing excavation and transport industries. I also facilitated an on-site workshop with instructors on laboratory pedagogy and lecturing techniques for this material.